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Mitsubishi Spare Parts

HILUX PARTS S.C. LTD. wholesale best quality mitsubishi auto parts at export price in China,which include automotive water radiator, condenser, compressor, power steering pump, steering rack, brake disc, brake pad, clutch kit, C.V.jiont, drive shaft and the other vehicle parts for mitsubishi cars.



Fuso Truck Canter

MD069782,Mitsubishi Oil Filter
MN123606,Mitsubishi Air Condenser For Triton L200 KB4T KB8,7812A171
8619A016,Mitsubishi Triton L200 Spiral Cable For KB8 KB4
8619A018,Mitsubishi Pajero V97 Clock Spring
MB033779,Mitsubishi Engine Oil Cooler For Pajero V33 V43
1800A007,Mitsubishi L200 KB4 4D56-U Alternator
1800A115,Mitsubishi 4M41 Alternator For Pajero V98 V88W L200 KH8T
8330A010,Mitsubishi L200 Combination Lamp,8330A009,8330A155,8330A156
4013A087,Mitsubishi Triton L200 KB4 Lower Control Arm,4013A088
4010A013,Mitsubishi Triton L200 Control Arm Upper 4010A014
MR342848,Mitsubishi Pajero V73 V75 V77 Fuel Tank
4605A201,Mitsubishi L200 Triton KB4 Front Brake Caliper,4605A202
MN107605,Mitsubishi L200 KB4 Drive Shaft,3815A307,3815A308
1465A307,1465A054,1465A279,Denso Mitsubishi 4M41 L200 Pajero Fuel Injector
1460A047,Genuine Mitsubishi L200 Triton Injection Fuel Pump 1460A019,1460A053
Mitsubishi 4D56 CrankShaft
1320A009,Mitsubishi L200 KB4 Fan Clutch 1320A032
MR319978,Mitsubishi Pajero Sport L200 K77 Steering Gear LHD,MR133332
MR992871,Mitsubishi L200 KB4T Steering Pump
4410A409,Mitsubishi Triton L200 Steering Rack LHD,MR333500
MR333502,Mitsubishi L200 KA4 KA5 Steering Rack 2WD LHD
2005 Mitsubishi Triton L200 Head Lamp
8301A877,2012 Mitsubishi L200 Head Lamp 8301A878
1110A593,Mitsubishi L200 4D56U 16V Piston 1110A594
Mitsubishi 4D56 16V MN176598 Exhaust Valve MN176597 Inlet Valve
1465A367,Genuine Mitsubishi Triton L200 Injector
1465A257,Genuine Mitsubishi 1465A257 L200 Fuel Injector
1005B452,Mitsubishi Triton 4D56-U Cylinder Head,1005B453
MR992717,Genuine Mitsubishi Triton L200 KB4T Gearbox Mounting
1465A041,Genuine Mitsubishi L200 4D56U Injector
1860A763,Genuine Mitsubishi L200 4M41 ECU

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