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Ford Spare Parts

HILUX PARTS S.C. LTD. wholesale best quality Ford auto parts at export price in China,which include automotive water radiator, condenser, compressor, power steering pump, steering rack, brake disc, brake pad, clutch kit, C.V.jiont, drive shaft and the other vehicle parts for Ford vehicles.



UC2R-34-300E,Ford Ranger Mazda BT50 Lower Control Arm,UC2R-34-350E
BK3Q-6K682-RC,Genuine Ford Ranger 3.2 Turbocharger
DB3910300AB,Ford Ranger 2.2 TKE Alternator,DB39-10300-AB
Ford Ranger 2.2 Diesel Piston
AB39-6079-AB,Ford Ranger 3.2L Full Gasket Set
WL51-18-G00A,Ford Ranger Diesel Vacuum Pump
AB39-11000-AA,Ford Ranger 2.2 Starter,U201-18-400
u2y0-18-221,U2Y2-02-300,U2Y1-02-300,ford ranger 2.2 sensor,crank angle
FB3Q-9B395-BA,Ford Transit Diesel Pump
UH81-61-450,Genuine Ford Ranger Compressor
UCYR-33-61X,Ford Ranger Brake Caliper,UCYR-33-71X
UR61-330-31A,Ford Ranger Steering Knuckle
MD20-25-50XB,Ford Ranger Front Drive Shaft,MD20-25-60XB
WLAA-13-H50,Genuine Ford Mazda Pickup Injector,0445110250
UR76-28-L10B,Ford Ranger Leaf Spring,UR7628L10B
WLVH-15-200A,Ford Ranger Radiator
WL51-13-303,Ford Mazda WL Fly Wheel Bearing,WL5113303
BK3Q-9B395-AD,Ford Ranger 2.2 Fuel Injection Pump
6C1Q-9K546-AC,095000-5800 Ford Transit Injector
WL91-18-400,Ford Ranger Starter
UMY1-33-99ZA,Ford Ranger Pickup Front Brake Caliper,UMY1-33-98ZA
UM65-61-480A,Ford Ranger WL Condenser,UM6561480A
UHY1-33-99Z,Ford Ranger Front Brake Caliper,UHY1-33-98Z
UR61-34-300B,Ford Ranger Lower Control Arm,UR61-34-350B
UH7534210B,Ford Ranger Suspension Arm Upper,UH75-34-210B
2012 Ford Ranger Injector
U202-13-H50C,Ford Ranger Fuel Injector,U20213H50C
2010 Ford Ranger Pickup Rear Lamp
2006 Ford Ranger Pickup Absorber Shock
URY12638Z,Genuine Ford Ranger Pickup Brake Shoe
2005-2010 Genuine Ford Ranger Pickup Rear Lamp
2010 Genuine Ford Ranger Front Head Lamp
WE01-13-H50A,Genuine Ford Mazda WE Fuel Injector 0445110249
9663429280,Genuine Ford Ranger T6 Injector short KE15 N0964
BK2Q-9K546-AG,Genuine Ford Ranger T6 Injector long
Ford Pickup Ranger 2.5 Air Filter Box

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